A New Model to Support

Leadership Skills

of Principal Investigators

Clinical Trials are the bedrock of bringing new and old medicines to improving the lives of patients. The Principal Investigator plays a highly important role in ensuring the safety of the patient and in the conduct of the trial.

Minimizing risks and increasing performance requires the Principal Investigator to manage the interface between technical- and people-based activities to ensure the right things are done in the right way and at the right time.

This training focuses on the leadership or the relational skills of the Principal Investigator. We provide a background to the expectations on healthcare leaders with established models and behaviours. These will support you build understanding and application of the essentials of leadership. We also propose a learning tool to further develop and refine your leadership style to develop sustainable high performing individuals and teams.


At the end of this learning, an assessment for certification is provided. There is also the possibility of accessing further support individually or as a team. The authors work face to face or virtually.

Contact Geneviève Depresseux : +32 486420347

The content of this learning is based on our recent publication.

Taking part in the e-learning offers significant benefits for the PI, Research Unit, Research Institutions and Sponsors. Examples of potential benefits include;

* Reduced staff burnout & turnover

* Decrease non-conformances during audits /inspections

* Increase innovation & new projects

* Increased presence into expert networking

* More enquiries from sponsors

* Improved understanding and adherence to Roles and responsibilities

* Appreciation & support from internal authorities

* Developing highly competent and qualified staff

* Safe and pleasant working environment

* Ultimately reduce cost and time


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